We do a range of different work when it comes to websites. We’ve listed a few of the main ones for you to check out.



Custom WordPress Theme Development

Need a custom theme that fits your specific business? We can build you one from scratch and shape it around the uniqueness of your business and needs.

WordPress Training

We’ll walk you through everything you need to know to update your own website. You’ll even be able to create your own new pages.



Full Website Design

Whether this is going to be your first website, or you just need a brand new website, We can handle this for you. We’ll go through the whole process of capturing branding, shaping the website to your business, and figuring out what functionality you need. This can also involve helping you develop your content for the site.

Website Restyle

Don’t like your current design? We’ll work with you to create a style that you DO like. This option is for those of you that don’t want to change much beyond just the look and feel of your website. This could involve a restructuring of your site if that is what you need, as long as you are planning to use most of the content that you already had.

Website Restoration

For those of you with an older looking website, or just sites that were poorly designed in the first place, but don’t want to necessarily change much beyond sprucing it up a bit. Sometimes all your website needs is a little TLC (tender loving care) to help it look more modern or clean.


Handyman Services

Regular Maintenance

WordPress sites need to be kept up-to-date for performance and security reasons. This includes your WordPress installation itself, plugins, and themes. Don’t want the hassle of doing this yourself or risking breaking certain aspects of your website? We can do it for you for a small monthly fee. We can often fix any issues right there and then without much trouble as well if any do come up.

Read more about our maintenance plans: View Maintenance Plans

Website Updates

Need a special page or two built for your website? We can create new templates for you or individual pages depending on your need. We can also update other existing parts of your website. Need a new form built? We can do that for you. Need a nice looking landing page? We can hook you up!

Website Repair

Are parts of your website looking a little messed up? Getting error messages or other strange bugs? We can diagnose it for you and give you a rundown of what it will take to fix it or we’ll just fix it ourselves.


Website Enhancements

Website Optimization

If your website is running slow, we can diagnose the cause of it and give you options on how to fix it. Sometimes it’s images that need optimizing, configuration issues, or it could be a slow hosting service. We’ll figure it out for you and give you analysis of where your problem lies and possibly fix it for you.

Website Security

WordPress sites can receive a good deal of attention from hackers and other unsavory visitors. We can do an analysis of your current security and let you know where improvements can be made. You can even pay us to monitor site activity monthly and handle issues when they arise. We’ll take care of those pesky hackers for you by making your website secure!


Want to know how many visitors you are getting are where they are coming from? We can set you up with analytics tools that give you useful data like this on your visitors. You’ll even be able to see which pages your visitors visit, how long they stayed there, which buttons they clicked, etc.! (Creepy, we know, but also very useful!)


Website Grader by Hubspot

Curious to know how your website stands? Check out this useful tool by Hubspot to see if it has any weak points: Use the Website Grader

Here’s one of ours for example:

If you find that your score is less than perfect, I’d love for you to contact me and see how we can help.

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