Improved Website

Looking to improve your website? It doesn’t always make sense to toss out a website and start over. Websites are a bit like houses, if you don’t like the carpet, the paint job, or the kitchen, replacing these can be a better option than buying a completely new house.

We like to take a look at the fundamental elements that make for a great website, and see if your existing website already has these in place and can be built on. Elements like good content, good organization, maybe a unique design that already embodies your business well. We’ll improve those if needed, but focus more on the weaker aspects that can use a bit of tune-up.



Our options for this approach carries on the house analogies to keep things consistent and fun. We call this approach “Website Flipping” and you can find out more about it below.

Website Flipping

Website Flipping is based on the idea of House Flipping, where someone takes an outdated or run-down house and renovates it to make it like new.

Let us give you a little scenario: You started a business a few years ago, and you realized you’ll need a website to represent your business online. So you paid quite a bit of money, but you have a respectable website that you are satisfied with. That was a few years ago, and now your website is looking a little old compared with others, especially your competitors’ websites. Do you put out a few thousand dollars more to get a new website? Or will you let it sit another couple years rather than pay all that money again?

Or let’s do another scenario, where a friend/relative/high school student offered to do the work for free. You are stuck wanting a new website, but don’t want to insult this person by scrapping their hard work for something new (or maybe this was you trying to throw something together in WordPress by yourself!). It’d be a shame to throw that work out and to start over.

That’s where our Website Flipping comes in. Instead of the focus being to replace your existing website completely, we focus on what can be salvaged and what needs to be replaced. The main goal is to minimize cost while zeroing in on the changes that will make the most impact. We tackle aspects of this with three different approaches.

Website Restoration

This is the less-involved, less labor intensive option. Think of it as a bit of spit n’ polish. One of the things that changes quickly with web design is design trends. A website that is only a couple years old will really stand out against newer websites with modern design trends applied. We can apply these newer design trends to your website to make it feel new again.

It’s possible that your website’s design doesn’t look so out-of-date, but maybe the original design wasn’t so great or is inconsistent. We can help with that too! We can make the design more consistent with the branding of your business, or at least make it consistent with itself.

Website Renovation

Website Renovation takes Website Restoration to the next level. It includes the design improvements of the former but goes a bit deeper. This is where we may dig into the content and structure of your website and could involve reorganizing your website’s architecture. The goal is to figure out how your content can be better organized to make it easier for users to find the information they need. An added benefit here is that better-organized content will also improve your SEO. Keep in mind here that the objective is for us to reuse as much of the existing content as possible, while possibly creating new content to fill in the gaps.

Website Remediation

Website Remediation is focused on fixing aspects of a website that are lacking or are not to the level of quality that they should be. This is where we look at website performance, security, SEO issues, responsiveness issues, etc.. One straightforward way of measuring some of the areas where a website could use improvement is to use Hubspot’s Website Grader. Here’s an example of the results from the grader: